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Our Broadband has the consistency and stability of a fiber-optics network. With no data caps or overage fees, you can focus on your business and do what you need online without headaches!

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Our prices include ALL taxes and fees. No low price introductory period with price increases. No surprises on your bill. What you see is what you get!


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We know that when your Internet isn’t working properly it impacts your business. As a business grade customer, your technical issues are expedited to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

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** $150 installation fee for all new installs, based on the standard install fee. If additional equipment is needed and agreed upon by property owner, additional fees may apply.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your "Request Service" process work?

After you click the button on this page and submit the form, here's what happens:

  1. Our technicians will check our database and mapping system to see if we can provide service to you.
  2. You will receive a call back within on business week, letting you know if we can provide service to you OR if we need to schedule a site survey.
  3. If your address is serviceable, we will call you to schedule a mutually convenient time for your installation.
What do I need to know about Wireless Installs?

Important Information About Wireless Installations

  • We have subcontractors handling our site surveys and installations. They perform your site survey and installation during the same appointment. The subcontractor will be calling you directly to schedule your survey/install date. Sometimes the call from the contractor can take a little longer than our usual call-back window of 48-72 hours.
  • Our Standard Installation Fee is $150, which will show on your first invoice from us, so your very first bill will be higher than your regular monthly bill.
  • If at the time of survey, it is determined that additional equipment is needed for your installation, additional fees will apply that are added to your monthly bill.
  • If additional equipment is needed and you opt out of installation at that time, but call later to re-schedule, there will be an additional charge of $50 for rescheduling applied to your account.

Basic Wireless Installation

The following is a step-by-step description of what’s included when an authorized North Country Broadband installer performs a basic wireless installation:

Outside the home or building

Step 1: After locating a suitable line-of-sight to the Access Point, the authorized installer will mount the subscriber module to the home or building using a standard mounting bracket.

Step 2: The installer will align the antenna to achieve optimal signal reception.

Step 3: The installer runs one terminated outdoor Ethernet cable, up to 75 feet, from the base of the subscriber module to the point of entry into the home or building.

Step 4: The installer installs a surge suppressor preferably on the exterior of the home or building, which will then be grounded according to local regulations.

Step 5: The installer will seal all exterior holes and use drip loops on all exterior cables.

Inside the home or building

Step 6: The installer will run Ethernet cable, up to 50 feet, from the point of entry to the computer’s location in the home or building. Typically, a small hole is required to be drilled in the outside of the wall to allow entrance of the cable.

The installer will connect the Wireless gateway to the Ethernet cable and perform the required steps to activate the service.

Step 7: Finally, the installer will test the system with their laptop to ensure the signal strength is working at its expected service level and Internet browsing is functioning.

Enhanced Fixed Wireless Installation

Additional charges may apply for any installation work that falls outside basic fixed wireless installation. An enhanced installation may require your appointment to be rescheduled or multiple appointments. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • running cables in excess of the lengths stated in the basic installation section
  • multiple runs of Ethernet cable within the home or building
  • mounting the subscriber module on excessive heights (e.g. greater than standard one-story roof)
  • installing a pop-up tower or tri-pod and pole to improve line-of-sight
  • tree or branch cutting to avoid line-of-sight obstructions

Please contact us for more information on enhanced installation options and pricing.

What is your transmission range?

Twelve miles is usually good for “flat” terrain. The closer to the tower, the better the throughput and thus the greater bandwidth potential. We can achieve speeds of 80Mbps within 3-5 miles and then get down to 10-25Mbps at about 12 miles. Again, this is on “flat” terrain with very little obstruction and interference. This is yet another reason we survey and have multiple options to mount the equipment to provide you service.

What are your "Line of Sight" Requirements?

The line of sight is similar to that of cellular service. And like cell service, there is a limit to the amount of tress that the signal can pass through and still stay a high-quality signal. However, there is no set number we can use to determine this. That is why every potential customer is surveyed prior to confirming we can install. We do have several options for installation to allow us to get as high as we need to get a quality signal such as short masts, telescoping poles and even can offer self-supporting towers up to 70 feet (of course these are quite costly). So, we exhaust all efforts to attempt to service the location.

Do weather conditions affect your transmissions?

Our transmissions are similar to satellite and cellular service, in that weather between the tower and your receiver will have some effect the service. However, we have tight guidelines for install to mitigate that as best we can. There will be service interruptions during extreme weather. One advantage to your area is that we will be utilizing the 900Mhz band which is the same type of signal used by Cellular and Military, so you will be less interruption compared to the higher frequency bands used in other areas.

Will I be able to give final approval before any installation begins?
You will always have the final say for any installation on your property. We may come out ahead of time to do a site survey, so we know which speeds will be available to you before the installation, but will never install equipment without your permission.
Are there any "slow downs" of data transfer or are we guaranteed the stated speed at all times?
We guarantee that you will receive the speed you are paying for during the time that your download/streaming is on our
network. So, if you have the 25 Mbps speed with our service, you will receive 25 Mbps while the download/streaming data is on our network; however, we cannot control the speed of data transfer for anything outside of our network. This means that when you run a speed test, it may show less than 25 Mbps because the speed test is pinging off of servers that are not located within our network (like New York City, Atlanta, Los Angeles, etc…). Since the data is transferring from places far away, the speed test is not accurate for our individual network speeds.
Are there any penalties for cancellation of service?
We do not have any cancellation penalties as we do not have contracts for residential service. No hidden traps and no cancellation fees.

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