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Y is for “YouTubers”

If you’re single and over the age of 30, there is a chance you won’t actually know what a “YouTuber” is. However, if you’re the parent or grandparent of a teen or tween, there’s a good chance that you might.

X is for “XBOX Streaming Binge”

The XBOX, a video game product by Microsoft, has been known for a number of years for delivering some great gaming options for users. Did you know you can also use yours for streaming? How about an XBOX Streaming Binge? Video streaming users are known to participate...

W is for “Watermelon Chunking”

Watermelon Chunking isn't the process of cutting up melons for the purpose of eating them. It is something WAY MORE EXCITING!Possibly originating as a spin-off of Gallagher's on-stage watermelon smashing from a few decades ago, watermelon chunking has become so much...

V is for “Video On Demand (VOD)”

VOD is a technical way to describe watching video content, like movies and TV shows, when you CHOOSE to, instead of having to being front of your television screen at a set broadcast time. Another way to say it is… STREAMING.

Payment Policies

North Country Broadband Payment PoliciesYour payment is always due on the 1st of the month, unless the 1st falls on a weekend; in that case, it will be due on the following Monday.If your past-due bill is not paid BEFORE the the last Tuesday of the month, your...

P is for “Polar Plunge”

It's POLAR PLUNGE time of year! For those that enjoy taking the plunge because it is daring - or even refreshing to them - winter is the time to do it. For the rest of us that aren't that adventurous, we can watch the polar plunge pictures and videos online from the...

O is for “Opening Blind Bags and Boxes”

Opening Blind Bags and Boxes is more of a trend for our younger Broadband users -- older children and tweens. We discussed this one in the marketing department the other day and as adults, we just don't get it! LOL. Although they've been around since 2014, these...

N is for “North Country Broadband”

We couldn't let N go by without mentioning North Country Broadband. 😉 Not to "sell" our Broadband service in a blog post, but to invite you to connect with our online community. We are active on a variety of social media platforms and have just added our YouTube...

M is for “Meme ’til your heart’s content!”

There's a technical definition for MEME, which is: an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture ~ Richard Dawkins* Pronounced MEEM (although this has been highly debated on the Internet), it has come to mean "A FAD THAT SPREADS...

L is for “Literal Videos”

Literal Videos became a "thing" starting around 2008, so they are an "oldie but goodie" among fun things to do online. Never heard of a literal video? Here's what Wikipedia says about them: A literal music video, also called a literal video version, is a parody of an...

J is for “Sweet Jeep Videos”

Who doesn’t like Sweet Jeep Videos?!

First you have a Jeep: an excellent utility vehicle meant to get you through where other vehicles can’t. So what makes a Jeep a Sweet Jeep? It’s all in the details…

I is for “Internet of Things”

Internet of Things (IoT) is the interconnection of special electronic devices, which send and receive data, to perform everyday tasks. This is sometimes referred to as “Smart Home Automation”. In order for IoT to work effectively, you need to have a Broadband connection.

F is for “Fake News Spoofs”

Fake News Spoofs. They are not really “fake news” as much as they are “satire” but when readers don’t realize they are satire, some craziness ensues in online conversations. However, to those who recognize the articles as satire, they can be hilarious and very entertaining when you’re trying to relax at home.

E is for “Epic Fails”

When used in the phrase “EPIC FAIL” though, this “greatest of the great” adjective now means something different — its the worst possible failures of all time; by failing so terribly, they are then considered as GREAT or EPIC failures.

D is for “Dads Doing It Right”

For as long as dads have existed, they’ve proven again and again that they have their own ways of accomplishing things that moms can do, but in their own special way. These are what we’re talking about when we say “Dads Doing It Right”.

B is for “Bubble Ball Videos”

Have you ever heard of the Bubble Ball (sometimes called Battle Ball)? They are these inflatable balls that people wear while they play all sorts of games and the results are HILARIOUS!

A is for “Augmented Reality”

Augmented Reality (AR), made most popular by the Pokemon Go game, is emerging in a variety of apps as a very useful (and fun) tool. AR allows users to experience their real-world environment in an enhanced (augmented) way.

Do Weather Conditions Affect Your Transmissions?

Question: Do varying weather conditions affect the quality of transmission, and resultant bandwidth?  As you are likely well-aware, Lewis County is in the heart of the Lake Ontario snow belt, with intense bands that often cause white-outs with satellite television...

Bill In Congress Would Expand Broadband Service In North Country

It can be very expensive for service providers like Westelcom in Watertown to bring high speed Internet to every corner of the north country. “It costs us $15,000 to $20,000 per mile to build out the fiber. If there’s only a couple of businesses or homes within that mile, then the cost per customer goes up,” said Paul Barton, president of Westelcom. That’s why U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is co-sponsoring a bill to get more funds for companies that provide broadband service to rural areas.

What are your “Line of Sight” Requirements?

Question:  With satellite internet, there can be no obstructions (e.g. trees)  between dish and satellite.  I read in past articles that line of sight is required for a good NCBB signal, however is that line of sight requirement similar to that typically associated...

What is your Transmission Range?

Question: I've read NCBB service can typically transmit in a radius of 12 miles from an active tower.  Does the bandwidth gradually degrade within that 12 mile radius, or is the range actually greater than 12 miles, but the bandwidth gradually diminishes beyond the 12...

What do I need to know about Wireless Installs?

Important Information About Wireless Installations We have subcontractors handling our site surveys and installations. They perform your site survey and installation during the same appointment. The subcontractor will be calling you directly to schedule your...