E is for “Epic Fails”

epic fails

To better understand what makes mistakes into “Epic Fails”, let’s start with the definition of “EPIC”:

(adjective) heroic; majestic; impressively great or of unusually great size or extent (according to Dictionary.com)

However, “EPIC” has become even more than that, in recent years on the web. It is now used to mean “the greatest of the great” or “the highest level possible” — the pinnacle of greatness.

When used in the phrase “EPIC FAIL” though, this “greatest of the great” adjective turns into something different — its the worst possible failures of all time; by failing so terribly, they are then considered as GREAT or EPIC failures.

Now, as humans, we ALL make mistakes in life, but some of us make huge mistakes (that are often funny) and become classified as EPIC FAILS.

 Epic Fails are all over the web; there is even a website devoted to them…


www.epicfail.com –> A word of warning on this one though: Although funny, some of them are more adult-appropriate and not meant for viewing by children. Viewer discretion is advised.

Here are a few epic fails that are appropriate for all audiences:

epic fails image credit lzismile.com

Cow Curiosity Fail Image Credit: lzismile.com


epic fails image credit sharenator.com

Video Installer Epic Fail Image Credit: sharenator.com


epic fails image credit sharenator.com

Curious Cat Epic Fail Image Credit: sharenator.com


epic fails image credit knowyourmeme.com

Parking Garage Epic Fail Image Credit: knowyourmeme.com


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